Accessibility means it works for people

We’re a lean team of accessibility specialists changing the perception of accessibility on the web. Our skilled team trains, tests, and teaches you as an equal partner. We’re committed to people over compliance, which means exceeding regulations and standards. Let’s have a conversation about how to reinvent your approach to improving the digital challenges people experience every day.

It works for you…

Work with us and discover the simple truth that when you put people first, accessibility becomes ingrained within your process. This means you create better, more intuitive applications and sites with your resources. The most important thing? You put a smile on the faces of people using your products and they keep returning because they trust you. Think bigger, and believe in your power to make a digital world for everyone. We can help you get there.

Charting your course

When you work with us, we fit right into your team as a seamless extension. We find out what you need, and use the tools and environment you’re familiar with to put together a custom plan. Then we train you how to evolve your accessibility plan so you can turn up your momentum.

We offer training and workshops to help you sharpen your accessibility know how, too.
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Step one:
We hold up the ruler

Our team works with yours to explore your current accessibility know-how and how well it fits into the products and services your audience needs.

Step two:
Lay out a new foundation

We listen to determine what you need, set goals, and use our findings to create your long-term accessibility plan. Together, we refine the plan and put it to work.

Step three:
Give accessibility a new home

We teach you how to drive your own projects. Work with us to improve your products and services, so you can ultimately guide the web to a better place.

Ongoing support

We’re always here to support you with your new or current websites & apps. Take your accessibility and usability goals further. Let us help.

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Accessibility is the first ingredient

Accessibility is baked into everything we do. We work it into our everyday approach:

  • Website and app design & development
  • User experience design
  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • Content and content strategy
  • iOS, Android, CMS, and software development
  • Regular testing and reporting
  • Training
  • Consulting

Accessible thinking makes better rules

We know the requirements like the backs of our hands.

Compliance requirements?

It’s not about meeting minimum compliance requirements, it’s about using these requirements to create a delightful experience for our whole audience.


Certification doesn't mean your content works for everyone. Often, simply using automated tools and testing isn't enough to make your products work for your audience. A rubber stamp can be alluring, but there’s often more complexity involved to providing you what you need. We can help you navigate the accessibility waters.


It’s not just about meeting regulations, it’s about letting these regulations empower you to invent new approaches to the design and development of your sites and applications.

Meet the team

Early in 2018, our company and team was acquired by Level Access! We're now doing the same great work over there (and even more of it), so get in touch and we can help you out with all things accessibility and inclusion.

Let’s work together

  • Charles Callistro

    Agile Coach

  • Derek Featherstone

    Simply Accessible founder

  • Julie Grundy

    Accessibility Specialist

  • Rhea Guntalilib

    Accessibility Specialist

  • Gavin Ogston

    Accessibility Specialist

  • Caryn Pagel

    Accessibility Specialist

  • Jeff Smith

    Director of Operations

  • Kara VanRoekel

    Accessibility Specialist

  • Elle Waters

    Director of Strategy

  • Joe Watkins

    Accessibility Specialist

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