What is web accessibility, anyway?

An accessible web is a web that works for people. All people. It’s that simple. Accessibility isn’t a boring list of standards–it’s a (not so) revolutionary philosophy of inclusion. You’ve probably read it or heard us say, “The digital world belongs to everybody.” It’s up to all of us to make that happen.

Why we’re doing this

Creating a web accessibility page like this one lets the world know we’re committed to a web that works for everybody. For us, empowering people on the web is more than just important—it’s the reason we get out of bed each day.

Most writing about web accessibility refers to people with disabilities–specifically, visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive challenges. Accessibility is also just good design, making sites and apps that work for every one of us, regardless of our abilities or challenges.

Our commitment

Universal design

People exist on a continuum, and their online needs change. So, when thinking about accessibility, it’s not enough to think about ideal use cases or a single target audience at a specific time. At Simply Accessible, we design and develop using Universal Design principles, considering the wide range of needs people who visit our site might have, today and tomorrow. And, we don’t just think about that diversity of abilities, identities, and modalities—we celebrate it.

User testing

We test our work at every stage with real people. In fact, we test our work more ways than we can count–with different browsers, operating systems, devices, external conditions, software versions, disabilities, and assistive technology. Why? The experiences and feedback people share with us shape our designs and help us make sites and apps that work for you and everyone else, too.

Continuous improvement

The digital world is always changing, and we love to test and learn. We embrace emerging technologies to improve our skills, and we strive to understand how these innovations provide opportunities to enable independence for people each day.

Things you can find on our site that make it more usable for everyone

Our site:

  • Uses fluid design: You can pinch it, pull it, stretch it, and even take it with you on your phone.
  • Tells the story in lots of ways: We pair text equivalents with any images, multimedia, and visual content.
  • Keeps you grounded: We provide handy waypoints with a table of contents, headings, and consistent navigation so you don’t get lost in your journey.
  • Looks good even with the lights out: Our web pages use proper coding techniques, programmatic associations, and semantic structure, which is a fancy way of saying our site loves your assistive technology.

Reach out

Have feedback about how we can improve? Having trouble accessing something on our site? Let us know, and we’ll get on it right away! Reach out to hello@simplyaccessible.com, and we’ll put your needs at the top of our list. Seriously.

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