1. What inclusive means to us: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

    Written by on May 15, 2014 in News, Understanding accessibility

    Hoping to increase awareness for accessibility, I posted this note over on FaceBook—to try and reach out to a different audience than the technology industry.

  2. Content & web accessibility

    Written by on May 9, 2014 in Content, Understanding accessibility

    If you’re not considering content strategy, creation, and writing an essential part of web accessibility, you’re failing.

  3. Web accessibility & URLs

    Written by on May 4, 2014 in Understanding accessibility

    Hiding URLs in the browser is like hiding anything. For accessibility, things are usually best left out in the open.

  4. Emotions & web accessibility

    Written by on April 25, 2014 in Top posts, Understanding accessibility

    There’s an emotional aspect to accessibility that makes it difficult to determine exactly how we should design for a particular persona.

  5. Data attributes & progressive enhancement

    Written by on April 23, 2014 in Development

    With HTML5 came the great and mighty data- attribute. There was much rejoicing and application of data- attributes with much fervour and pride. Yet it is often used when it shouldn’t be: when a much simpler solution exists.

  6. An inclusive Internet of things: accessibility in the palm of your hand

    Written by on March 7, 2014 in Understanding accessibility

    In the physical world, it is nearly impossible to make a fixed object accessible to everyone. In the connected world of the Internet of Things, digital brings us accessibility where the physical can’t.

  7. Infographic accessibility: text is text

    Written by on February 4, 2014 in Top posts, Understanding accessibility

    Infographics are growing in popularity, but they are often criticized for the accessibility challenges they create. Here’s an infographic that was very surprising when it comes to accessibility, and we felt it should be celebrated and shared as a positive—a small thing, done well.

  8. The road ahead: 2014

    Written by on January 6, 2014 in News, Understanding accessibility

    I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing in our work until these three things happened all at once: we dove deep into the process of redesigning our web site and brand identity, reviewed 2013 successes and failures, and started planning for 2014. Doing all of that work forced us to ask questions about who we are and what we believe in.

  9. Alt text is for more than just screen readers

    Written by on August 29, 2013 in Development

    Good alt text is seen as critical for people that use screen readers. But it doesn’t stop there. We need to consider the effect of alt text on people that also rely on good, accurate alt text: people that use voice recognition software. Learn more in this instalment of the Best Practice of the Week (BPOW).

  10. Design & development: the yin & yang of web accessibility

    Written by on March 13, 2013 in Design, Development, Understanding accessibility

    Many people focus on just the development aspect of web accessibility. The truth is, a flawed design coded perfectly is just as bad as a brilliant design coded poorly. You need both aspects—design AND development—to truly succeed with accessibility.