How to Ensure You Pay More for Web Accessibility Than You Should

By June 13th, 2012

Accessibility doesn't have to cost a lot, but here are some sure-fire methods to ensure that you pay more than you need to.

Here are our top 9 tips that help you ensure that you pay much more for web accessibility than you should. Because who doesn’t want that, right?

  1. Be sure to save on hourly rate for your design and development work by choosing the lowest cost per hour. After that doesn’t work (you get what you pay for) you’ll have the opportunity to do all that work again and pay for it twice!
  2. Make sure that everything that you do with respect to accessibility isn’t documented and cannot be repeated.
  3. Tell designers that accessibility is the responsibility of the developers and tell the developers that accessibility is the responsibility of the designers. Likewise, tell managers that it’s the responsibility of the CIO or CTO and tell the CIO or CTO that it’s all on the managers.
  4. Ensure you provide absolutely no training to your teams.
  5. Wait until just before launch to seek accessibility help.
  6. Don’t get your developers or Quality Assurance team to test anything with the keyboard.
  7. Ensure that ALL your solutions rely on proprietary materials or software.
  8. Be sure that you don’t put any accessibility requirements in your procurement documents/requirements/rating criteria.
  9. Rely entirely on automated tools for testing.

What do you have?

Okay, that’s 9 quick ones off the top of my head. Please, add your own in the comments. This could be fun! :)

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