How does it work

Simply Accessible runs surveys and usability studies on web sites and applications to make sure they work for people like you. Our clients want us to help them understand how their products work for people with disabilities who use every form of assistive technology.

  1. After you sign up, we’ll confirm with a quick email.
  2. When you're a good match for a study, we'll contact you by email and set up a video call with you. During that session, a facilitator will ask you to try out some tasks and ask you questions about them.
  3. After completing a session, Simply Accessible will compensate you right away with a $100 US dollar Amazon gift card (in your local currency).

Simply Accessible does not share or sell your personal information to anyone. We aren't selling you anything and we take your privacy seriously.

What do you need?

  • A Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computer
  • A microphone or headset
  • A reliable internet connection (not a shared connection like at a coffee shop)
  • A web cam (optional)
  • A smartphone (optional for studies for mobile apps)

Let's get started! Sign up today.