We’re looking for a few people to join our team in a critical role:

Accessibility Strategist / Consultant

  • YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: 5 years minimum as an Accessibility consultant and significant involvement in process innovation/improvement in design and development; You have demonstrated success with Enterprise level clients, either working internally for those clients, or externally at an agency.
  • FULL / PART TIME?: Freelancers/Contractors at 20 to 40hrs/wk; Full-time employees at 40 hrs/wk
  • DURATION: 3 to 6 months (or more) contract; up to permanent full-time position
  • LOCATION: Remote. As in, wherever you are, not as in Antarctica.
  • WORKING LANGUAGE: You have exceptional written and spoken English communication skills
  • TIMING/HOURS: You’ll be working an 8 hour span, somewhere between 9am GMT and 3am GMT. The hours will depend on our clients and where you are.
  • TRAVEL: While you work remotely, some of our work means travelling to client locations a minimum of once per quarter. They’re mostly in North America but some are across vast, wide oceans!

A letter our clients wrote…

Some people don’t know this, but we’ve managed to figure out short-term time travel here at Simply Accessible. We just jumped ahead a year, and received an email from our biggest clients — they got together, compared notes on how you worked with them, and they wrote a letter, praising you and your work. Here’s what they said:

Dear Accessibility Strategist,

We wanted to write you to let you know just how important your work was this past year in getting our accessibility program off the ground. Not only that, but you were a pleasure to work with. You’re a gem, and we wanted you to know it!

  1. You made it your quest to make all the things we did sustainable. This wasn’t just about doing one project well, but doing all of them well, and integrating accessibility into the culture of the organization. While we were looking directly at the work right in front of us–solving accessibility problems issue by issue–you taught us to think beyond the here and now. You helped us focus on what we needed to do in the next 2 months AND on what we needed to be working on 6-12 months out.
  2. You taught us to recognize which accessibility issues can be treated like simple bugs, and which ones need higher level decisions, discussions, and a cohesive site-wide strategy. Our favourite thing you created for us was “Error messaging strategy for our site of awesome.” We know you have much more of that in you, and we can’t wait to read what you come up with next! You made sure all the decisions we made were properly captured and incorporated into our pattern library with the right accessibility considerations. Magic!
  3. We were overwhelmed, at first, with the massive influx of information and detail about accessibility. You helped us review and interpret testing results from automated testing tools, manual testing results, and usability testing sessions. You helped us recognize high priority items. You helped us understand risk. And, we appreciated it most when you helped us stop focusing on “perfect by end of year” and start focusing “getting better every month.”

You’re a natural teacher, and it showed in everything you did with us. We can’t thank you enough for all the things you taught us about improving our development processes and practices. You helped us see that accessibility was more than just code. You showed us the impact that both design and content have on accessibility. You’re a champion on behalf of people with disabilities everywhere.

And thank you most of all for holding us to a higher standard. You pushed us to get better with accessibility in every way. Our internal teams really appreciated how you worked with us–we know we always wanted you to spell things out in black and white, but we appreciate more than ever that no matter what we worked on together, you taught us to see that there is much more to accessibility than the checklist we were using when we first started.

We are still on our accessibility journey, but thank you for helping us chart the course for long-term success!


All the clients you worked with in the last year.

Pretty good letter isn’t it? We’re ecstatic to have received it, and we’re really looking forward to hiring you!

Now, time travel back to today…

We are a small, close-knit team that works with clients in retail, travel, financial, health care, government, and other industries. Some are long-standing Fortune 500 businesses. Others are new startups. The work we do is always a challenge because while accessibility is conceptually very easy to understand, getting the execution right at scale is very hard.

Our team is empathetic, collaborative, and we’re passionate about teaching and empowering our clients with best practices to improve their accessibility programs. Our team will be working on a few things: assessing our clients’ digital properties for accessibility through design reviews, accessibility and usability testing; supporting them as they address those issues; and helping build sustainable accessibility into their design and development practices. Your main focus as a Strategist and Consultant will be to advocate for our clients, work with our Product Owners and Scrum Masters to clear the way for great work to be done, and be the sherpa that we need for project success!

Excited at that prospect? Have the experience and desire? Good! Us too…

So, how do we get there?

Let’s start with introductions. The best place to do that is head on over to our contact form and select the subject line “Hire me!” and tell us what position you’re applying for and why you want to work here at Simply Accessible.

Let us know whether you’re looking to come on board as a contractor or employee. Send us links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, or your portfolio. Tell us about why you want to help make the web easier to use for people with disabilities. Show us how your experience and character fits at Simply Accessible. We’ll go through your message and materials and take it from there. Looking forward to meeting you!