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The world of web accessibility can be scary and overwhelming if you don't know what you're trying to fix or why you need to fix it. We want you to know we'll meet you where you are, and give you the tools and support to make sense of it and form a plan. Accessibility is a journey and a destination.

If you need a fresh perspective on your design or mobile approach, or an accessibility plan for testing or building your web products & services, we've got you covered. We'll work with you to build a custom plan that fits your needs and your scope. When you make things with accessibility in mind, you make the web a friendlier place, too. Explore our offerings. Let's make a web that works for everyone.

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Accessibility training

Teaching is part of everything we do. In fact, it’s who we are. Simply Accessible empowers the people we meet to start, or deepen, their accessibility practice. Whether it’s you, your team, or your entire company, we'll help you knock over stumbling blocks and transform into a skilled accessibility powerhouse. Led by our very own international speaker and accessibility educator, Derek Featherstone, our online workshops, one-on-one or group training sessions, and downloadable packages will have you breaking down barriers in no time.

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Accessibility consulting

At Simply Accessible, our consulting is as tailored as a bespoke suit. We assess your needs, team, and current processes to design a comprehensive blend of strategic planning, accessibility training, and smart documentation. What do you fix first? Where do you start? We can help. We’ll analyze, diagnose, and provide a strategy customized to your people and process. Don’t feel overwhelmed–we’ve traveled this road before, and we can show you the way. Simply Accessible gives you the skills and support to make sure you reach everyone who needs you.

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Design & development for sites & web apps

Give your websites and apps a total overhaul. Call on us: we're a fully operational web shop with an integrated accessibility focus. We'll blend accessibility with seamless design and development. Turbocharge your products and services with our eagle eyes, and be ready for any audience. We can be your team or become part of your team. Or let us help when you have a tricky design or development issue and need support. Whatever it is, we’ll be there to make your things beautiful, accessible, and functional. Seriously. We’re here for you.

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Accessibility testing services

Testing early and often means you’ll always be ready. So look forward to the perfect testing blend: we’ll test early design and development concepts, conduct facilitated and remote usability studies with people of all abilities. Together we’ll develop a sustainable automated accessibility test plan that incorporates the right kind testing at the right time in your build process. Work with us and learn a balanced, comprehensive approach to testing and accessibility today. Tomorrow we’ll take your products and services past the ruler, and you’ll set the bar for the web.

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Why choose us?

We’re lean, flexible, and fuse with you and your team to create a simple, efficient approach to fire you up. Go beyond meeting accessibility requirements, and appreciate the power and smarts of usable design. When you work with us, we can do amazing things together. Fostering a more accessible digital space is just the beginning.

  • An immediate strategy pinpoints and strengthens the weak spots that are holding you back.
  • Training helps you implement future accessibility testing and systems yourselves, meaning you can take charge of your digital progress.


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Certification? Here's why not...

Certification doesn't ensure that digital content is actually usable for everyone. And that's what matters most. Being accessible means we're continuously striving to do better and be better at the web because it belongs to everybody. A rubber stamp can be alluring, but there’s often more complexity involved to providing you the accessibility requirements you really need.

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