Real-world usability: does your site work for all people?

You know your sites, apps, kiosks, and the things you build for wearable devices should be usable for all kinds of people. But, how do you design what everyone needs? Even if you have a list of requirements, gaining insights can feel daunting.

It feels like there’s too much to do, and too much you don’t know.

And what about considering all people, including those with disabilities, or unique situations? You know it’s necessary, even urgent, but you’re second-guessing yourself, your skills, even the impulse to do the right thing.

If you do tick all the boxes to meet accessibility requirements, how do you actually know your product will be usable—really usable?

We’re there for you

For more than a decade, our trained usability specialists have been conducting in-depth studies for the online retail, technology, nonprofit, airline, government, higher education, healthcare, financial, and media sectors. Our facilitated, remote and on-site usability research always includes people with disabilities. It’s not only Simply Accessible’s speciality, it guides all of the work we do.

We believe in a digital world that works for everyone

That’s what accessibility means to us. It’s not about getting a clean report from a testing tool. The ultimate measure of success is how well your creation performs in the real world, with real people. Including those with a range of disabilities and use cases.

As your partners, we have one end goal: to make sure everyone can use the things you make.

Every person. Every ability. Every situation. Everyone.

No more trade-offs

Usability testing used to mean some pretty heavy compromises.

Remote, unmoderated testing was fast, lightweight, and often affordable. You could get results quickly, but the level of insight left a lot to be desired. Or, you could choose costly traditional usability testing moderated in a lab, and then wait months for detailed information.

Simply Accessible usability studies give you the best of both worlds.

We’re fast and—the best part—we offer an exceptional level of practical insight that allows your team to start improving your user experience right away.

Our approach: detailed real-world results...faster

Simply Accessible’s research team specializes in moderated, remote usability studies customized in collaboration with you. We bring you timely results you can act on now.

Why remote?

Remote research lets us work with people using their own equipment, devices, software, and environment while avoiding geographic bias. They have their systems tweaked exactly the way they prefer. So, they can focus on the tasks at hand instead of learning unfamiliar devices or setups in a laboratory environment.

Regular folks using your site, app, or device in real-world ways. You’ll observe first-hand how people interact with your work—and how you can make their experience better.

Why moderated?

Moderated testing gives you a level of insight that’s only possible through in-depth conversations with people. Our trained facilitators observe, document, and ask probing follow-up questions to really understand what someone is experiencing as they use your site, app, or kiosk.

Expert facilitation and analysis provides the full picture: why something is a problem, and how to fix the issue—helping you improve your product and find areas for innovation.

How fast?

Super fast. With a week of lead time, we can usually complete a study and get you detailed results within a couple of weeks. We have a panel of participants ready to start testing your work today.

Our research team, and our study participants, are located around the world. We literally work around the clock. Having an existing participant panel and coordinating our team across time zones ensures our research is fresh, timely, and relevant.

How we bring you exceptional usability research at lightning speed

For each Simply Accessible usability study:

  • We recruit 5 to 20 diverse people with and without disabilities who will put your work through its paces.
  • Our participants use everything from mobile to desktop, sometimes with assistive software and hardware. Depending on their needs, they work with screen readers or magnification or both, speech input or alternative input devices, and unique combinations of tools.
  • Researchers from our team are committed to great user experience, accessibility, and inclusion. We’ll collaboratively design the study using our proven methodology and your team’s goals to ensure the breadth and depth of insight you need.
  • The research team tests a series of tasks on your site or app. These tasks are significant and critical to the completion of user goals, and can include things like finding information, creating an account, or making a purchase.
  • We dive deep with questions you have about how people with disabilities interact with your website, native app, kiosk, or other interface, such as: How do customers with disabilities prefer to provide feedback? Or, how understandable is your content for people aged 18 to 29 with autism?
  • We handle participant recruitment, remuneration, non-disclosure, and consent.
  • We provide anonymized profiles of the participants’ demographics and background to help you connect with their needs.
  • We log key findings from the study in project management software. This makes it simple for your team to fix and track any specific problems we find.
  • If our team has completed an accessibility assessment for you, those usability findings will be mapped to any technical accessibility issues we’ve identified, too.
  • Videos of each session with time-stamped transcripts are included, so you can see for yourself how people interact with your creation.
  • We craft a detailed summary document with all our team’s findings and recommendations—a blueprint for all stakeholders to improve the overall user experience and deepen your team’s accessibility practice.

How our studies make your work easier

Knowing that your site, app, device, or kiosk is easy to use by all kinds of people is essential. With Simply Accessible, you’ll get detailed, impactful usability feedback. And you’ll get it sooner.

Our clear, actionable recommendations mean you can start improving your products now. We help your team prioritize, so you don’t waste time wading through pages of results. You’ll be able to release your products on schedule knowing that they work for everyone who interacts with them.

Everyone. It’s a word we take very seriously.

Let’s get started! Talk to our research team now to start designing your usability study.