Karl Groves Joins the Simply Accessible Team

After spying the projects hovering on our horizon we knew we’d better bring on additional team members—people perfectly suited to us and to our clients—if we were going to continue to meet our current and future clients’ needs. That’s a fancy way of saying, “Our team is great at what we do but we’ll be buried alive in our to do lists if we don’t bring in more muscle. Pronto.”

We don’t want to just “keep up with demand.” We love our clients but we want to keep reaching into new territory, bringing accessibility and smoothly designed experiences everywhere we can. We help people make things work for everyone and we’ve also got a big message to carry to the world: “Here’s how you ALL can make things work for everyone.”

Adding someone to a team is a delicate balancing act. We needed another person—a very smart person—who really and truly gives a damn about the same things we care about. It also helps immeasurably if the person you have in mind has an awesome reputation and the sort of personality you think will be a great fit.

So, I am incredibly happy to announce that earlier this month we hired Karl Groves to join the Simply Accessible team.

We knew we wanted a technical powerhouse. We were totally sold when we saw Karl wearing a Viking hat in his Twitter avatar. I mean, what could be more powerful than a Viking, except maybe a drunken Viking? Further research revealed that he brews his own beer, so that settled that. Toss the other resumes in the trash. He’s our man.

But, seriously, Karl’s been in the industry for almost a dozen years and he’s recognized as a leader for his work and thinking on accessibility. The articles on his blog are brilliant, as is what he does. His standards are rigorous. He’s methodical, analytical, meticulous. And, he’s relentless in his pursuit of excellence.

Karl’s previous work with tool vendors and as a consultant will be invaluable to us as we bring more of our services to enterprise-level clients.

Karl’s experience as a speaker and teacher and his technical background as a developer mean that when he’s training another developer or teaching a class or working with an in-house team, he can speak the same language as the people he’s training. He can relate to their burdens and what they’re puzzling out because he’s been there, staring into the face of the same daunting problems.

He represents an opportunity for us to make things just right for even more clients.

With Karl on our team, clients will sigh with contentment. Developers will dry their tears on their ironic t-shirts and we will, too. And at Simply Accessible, with our other new and upcoming team members and the mighty Karl Groves, our lives will be busy but blissful, flowing with unicorns and rainbows and animated gifs.