There’s a fresh face in our merry band of accessibility musketeers! Denis Boudreau is a world leader in web accessibility and digital inclusion. He’s excited to join the team and fuel our mission to make more people believe the power of digital belongs to everyone. We’re tickled to have him.

Photo of Denis Boudreau leaning against his desk.

Denis Boudreau, our newest Accessibility Strategist.

If our goal is to help make the web work for everyone, we need more inspiring voices to help spread the word. Denis Boudreau is a guy with a voice that’ll ring to the rafters. Coming on board as an Accessibility Strategist from majestic Montréal, Canada, Denis is a well known speaker and trainer specializing in accessibility testing. He’ll be taking the lead on some of Simply Accessible’s most exciting projects as a process manager and systems architect, and spreading the accessibility love at conferences all over the world.

Denis comes to us as one of the accessibility movement’s shining stars. He serves on several of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) working groups, and has been a vocal advocate for digital inclusion since 2001. His own accessibility journey began when a project manager posed a development challenge: make a website that blind folks could use.

“The founding principles of web accessibility instantly made sense to me. For a couple of years, it was just about building an efficient process. It’s only later that I started to really look at accessibility and its benefits from a human perspective.” —Denis Boudreau

Denis is a master of many things. For starters, don’t tangle with this guy on the mat: he’s a martial arts competitor and champion in judo, jiu jitsu, aikido, shaolin kempo karate (okay, that was fifteen years ago, but he’s still pretty spry these days). His softer side is also compelling: Denis embraced a two-year study of Eastern religions before diving head first into web development and accessibility.

Since then, he’s committed himself to the cause of an inclusive web. We’re enthralled to add his passion and experience to our own. We’ll share more about Denis’ plans soon, but for now: help us welcome him aboard!