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Future bliss: Make a circuit with me

  • Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 10:00 am CT
  • Location: Online workshop

Driverless cars, mind-controlled machines, and a babel fish in the palm of your hand: the singularity never looked so good. As citizens of the web, we are enthralled at the same time we are a bit unnerved by the “ever accelerating progress of technology.” We may even occasionally resist innovations as they are heralded in the news, waxing nostalgic for the analog life. Sure, we opt in to download and use the latest timesaving wonder, but we find ourselves asking what the true cost is to society if we simplify and automate all the things.

With all of these enhancements to modern living, what are we losing? However, a better question might be: what are we gaining? This session will provide an overview of some of the most recent technological advances in mobility, communication, and cognitive sciences and their direct impact to people with disabilities.

With hands-on demonstrations and personal accounts from real users, we will explore emerging technologies and the amazing freedoms they provide for people worldwide. From embedded connectivity to a web of smart, big data, inclusive design takes on a whole new meaning.

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