Scrum Master

  • YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: 2 to 3 years minimum as a Scrum Master with additional experience in a consulting agency; Certification is a must. Accessibility experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • FULL / PART TIME?: Freelancers/Contractors at 20 to 40hrs/wk; Full-time employees at 40 hrs/wk
  • DURATION: 3 to 6 months (or more) contract; up to permanent full-time position
  • LOCATION: Remote. As in, wherever you are, not as in Antarctica.
  • WORKING LANGUAGE: You have exceptional written and spoken English communication skills
  • TIMING/HOURS: You’ll be working an 8 hour span, somewhere between 9am GMT and 3am GMT. The hours will depend on our clients and where you are.
  • TRAVEL: While you work remotely, some of our work means travelling to client locations a minimum of once per quarter. That may or may not include you.

We have a vision for you…

We love providing feedback and guidance to our team members, and you’ll be no exception! These are some of the things that we’d really like to share with you during a typical 1:1 session with your coach and mentor. Each one of these comments represents what we consider to be a “wildly successful” characteristic for a person in a Scrum Master position at Simply Accessible. Put all of these together… can you see yourself getting this sort of feedback?

Our testing team loves you: “Our Scrum Master is so on top of the ball that they make all my work easier, keeping everything on track. I always know where we stand with our project goals and what needs doing by what date. I feel encouraged, safe and supported. And if I forget something? Actually, let’s put it this way… they don’t let me forget!”

Our Agile Coach says: “Our Scrum Master knows agile methodologies and rituals like the back of her hand. She treats problems as puzzles, and takes great joy in solving them. She recommends the best approach to each situation, using Scrum/Kanban/Scrumban with equal ease. We talk daily, and I’m always kept in the loop. I was sure we hired the right person when she made the velocity charts look like an epic space battle!”

Our Product Owners tell us: “I don’t know what I’d do without him! I can focus all of my attention on finding the most value in everything we do for our clients, because I know he’s focused on getting every story completed. What a detail oriented guy! And, I get to tell our clients great news each sprint review, because he’s made sure we’re always ahead of schedule. But, seriously, where does he find all that energy?”

Our Director of Ops is thrilled: “You own JIRA. Where others have struggled, you’ve risen tall, high above the plains and tamed the beast! You hold JIRA’s innards with one hand while the other hand works to create workflows, filters and kanban boards that make sailing through stories easy. You clear the path for your teammates so often, maybe we should call you the Impediment Whisperer! You showed us things with JIRA that we didn’t even know existed. Your prowess with agile tools is legendary.”

Our leader, Derek, sums it up well: “Before we had Scrum Masters, I would lie awake at night sweating the little details on every project. ‘Will this be done on time? How can we meet that deadline? Why is this challenge happening again?’ Now, I can sleep soundly knowing that we are on target. Our team is always learning, always getting better — and really, all of this happens because of the care and skill that our Scrum Masters put into supporting the work.”

Yes, really. Those are the things we’d like to say to you. We want you to want that too, because that would make us a really great match for each other.

Are you part of that vision?

We are a small, close-knit team that works with clients in retail, travel, financial, healthcare and other industries. Some are long-standing Fortune 500 businesses. Others are new startups. All of them are agile, and so are we.

Our team is empathetic, collaborative, extremely nimble, and we’re passionate about teaching and empowering our clients with best practices to improve their accessibility programs. Your main focus as a Scrum Master will be to turbocharge our team. Period.

Have the experience and desire? Excited at that prospect? Good! Us too…

So, how do we get there?

Let’s start with introductions. The best place to do that is head on over to our contact form and select the subject line “Hire me!” and tell us what position you’re applying for and why you want to work here at Simply Accessible.

Let us know whether you’re looking to come on board as a contractor or employee. Send us links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, or your portfolio. Tell us about why you want to help make the web easier to use for people with disabilities. Show us how your experience and character fits at Simply Accessible. We’ll go through your message and materials and take it from there. Looking forward to meeting you!