Accessibility tester/consultant

  • YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: 2 to 5 years minimum as an accessibility specialist OR as a developer with accessibility skills and passion
  • FULL / PART TIME?: Freelancers/Contractors at 20 to 40hrs/wk;
  • DURATION: 3 to 6 months (or more) contract; up to permanent full-time position
  • LOCATION: Remote. As in, where you are, not as in Antarctica.
  • TIMING/HOURS: You’ll be working an 8 hour span, somewhere between 9am GMT and 3am GMT. The hours will depend on our clients and where you are.
  • TRAVEL: Travel is not required for this position, but you may be able to travel to meet and work on site with clients. They’re mostly in North America but some are across vast, wide oceans!

Fast forward to a year from now…

We hope you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished in your first year with us! Seriously. You had a banner year, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Here are some of the things that we think highlight your success so far:

  1. Our clients were most impressed with your assessment work. They regularly told us, “These recommendations are so clear. We know exactly how to fix these issues!” Not only did you identify accessibility barriers for people with a lot of different disabilities, you also made sure your recommendations took many different experiences and assistive technologies into account.
  2. You combined usability testing results with the issues you found through manual and automated accessibility testing and helped our clients prioritize—by creating a plan to address the most critical and impactful accessibility issues first, you helped them move forward faster.
  3. You were a natural when working directly with clients. You were able to answer their technical questions on conference calls, and helped the developers we worked with understand why the accessibility barriers we found were so significant.
  4. Your teammates loved working with you. They said you show initiative and are always looking to improve. They described you as a kind, thoughtful, and proactive team player.

Now, back to today…

We are a small, close-knit team that works with clients in retail, travel, financial, health care and other industries. Some are long-standing Fortune 500 businesses. Others are new startups. It’s always a challenge because while accessibility is conceptually very easy to understand, getting the execution right at scale is very hard.

Our team is empathetic, collaborative, and we’re passionate about teaching and empowering our clients with best practices to improve their accessibility programs. Your main focus will be to assess our clients’ digital properties for accessibility, to support them as they fix those issues, and to help build sustainability into their design and development practices.

So, how do we get there?

Let’s start with introductions. The best place to do that is head on over to our contact form and select the subject line “Hire me!” and tell us what position you’re applying for and why you want to work here at Simply Accessible.

Let us know whether you’re looking to come on board as a contractor or employee. Send us links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, or your portfolio. Tell us about why you want to help make the web easier to use for people with disabilities. Show us how your experience and character fits at Simply Accessible. We’ll go through your message and materials and take it from there. Looking forward to meeting you!